Welcome to The International Society for Aeolian Research

Aeolian (also spelled “eolian”): an adjective meaning carried, formed, eroded or deposited by the wind (modified from Websters New World College Dictionary)

Dedicated to better understanding aeolian processes


The International Society of Aeolian Research was created to promote contacts among scientists undertaking research in aeolian processes and landforms, to stimulate scientific research in aeolian topics and related fields, and to further the application of the results of such research into practical applications. We accomplish these objectives by:

  1. promoting contacts among researchers in aeolian processes and related subjects for discussion and comparison of research results;
  2. initiating conferences such as International Conference on Aeolian Research (ICAR) and related conferences;
  3.  organizing relevant excursions and demonstrations;
  4.  establishing contacts and cooperation with organizations in other fields of science aimed at similar general purposes, and;
  5.  supporting the publication of a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

We are organized and operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes and not for profit.